Web Survey Hosting Services

Creative Research Systems offers two levels of web survey hosting: In one we do the work of taking take your questionnaire from either a Word document or a Survey System question file and turning it into a web page survey and can send out email invitations if you wish. We can provide these services whether or not you have The Survey System.

In the second level, you use your copy of The Survey System to create your web page survey, and we just provide the Web server and support services.

The Survey System's web page questionnaires offer many page appearance choices and sophisticated questionnaire logic features.

We offer SSL (HTTPS) for when you are surveying particularly sensitive subjects and want to assure your respondents that their responses cannot be intercepted between their PC and our server.

If you want more than web survey hosting services, our research professionals can consult on questionnaire design, analyze your data, and present you with a complete report.

Full Service Web Survey Hosting

If you only plan to carry out a single survey, do not own a copy of The Survey System or if you have more projects than you can handle at once, we can create a web survey from your questionnaire, upload it to our survey website, collect the answers and send you the survey results via e-mail. You can also view live online results. For students undertaking doctoral dissertations or similar-once off projects this is usually a better solution, as it avoids the learning curve associated with a new program and can be created and uploaded in as little as 24 hours.

Sample Online Questionnaires

Our sample online questionnaires are designed to illustrate some features of our software and our web survey hosting service. They are not intended as model survey questionnaires per se. Please try them all. They illustrate some different appearance choices and logic features.

Sample Web Reports

We can set up live reports to let you check on the progress of your survey and see interim results. Here are some examples:

Costs of Web Survey Hosting Services

Our fee for web survey hosting services varies according to several factors. To give you a definite quote, we need the following information.

Hosting Only Services

If you have The Survey System with the Internet Module, we can provide the server for your surveys. This can be a useful option if you do not have your own server or if you would like to be able to charge hosting costs to specific projects rather than to overhead.

We can create your own personal folder on our dedicated web site in as little as 24 hours. Once the account has been opened and your folder created we can provide you with FTP pass keys for new surveys in a few hours.

You have complete control to upload and download surveys, data and other files as desired. You can also see the real-time results as the survey progresses and make changes as required.


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