Online Reports of Survey Results

Live Reports on a Web Page

You can let clients, analysts and people who complete surveys produce tables, charts, and verbatim (text) reports on a web page. Another type of web report can show all the answers given by a particular person. You can make your Survey System web reports available online whether or not you collected the data on the web.

Tables can be as simple or as complex as you like. You have all the table content and formatting choices you have when you produce tables with a full copy of The Survey System, including banners, custom formats, and weighting. People who produce reports on a web page do not see all these choices. They see the reports you want them to see. Optionally, you can let them also produce crosstabs you did not set up in advance, select filters (restrict which types of people are included), and choose what to see in each data cell.

Web Report Sample

You can show charts on the same page as tables or separately. Chart options include type of chart, 2 or 3-D, colors, fonts, grid lines, background, whether to show numbers on pie slices or bars, and more. Users can rotate pie charts by dragging them.

With The Survey System's online reports, you can customize the appearance of the page from which people produce the reports and the page on which the reports are displayed. You can choose a background color or image, show a logo, set margins and fonts, and determine the text shown on the pages.


Dashboards display one or more tables or charts on the same Web page that lets users select custom reports. You can use this feature to give users a quick view of the most important topline results of a survey. You can customize how reports look on the dashboard separately from the way the same questions look in custom reports.

Sample Web Reports




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