The Survey System Version 11.0 Updates

This page contains the final updates to The Survey System Version 11.0.

The updates to analyst copies of The Survey System and Interview Stations are provided as installation programs. After you download them, run them.

File Date Last Changed
The Survey System May 4, 2016
Interview Station Mar. 8, 2016

The following are compressed using .ZIP format. You can uncompress them using 7-Zip, WINZIP and other products. After you decompress them, copy them into The Survey System's folder on your PC or Web server, as appropriate. They will replace an existing file.

File Date Last Changed
Web Survey Server May 4, 2016
Web Report Server* Jun. 16, 2016
Web Chart JavaScript Files Jul. 13, 2015
Web Chart Java Applet Oct. 21, 2014
Web CATI Server Jun. 22, 2016
Panel Management Server Sep. 29, 2015
Android Survey Program** May 31, 2016
Windows Mobile Survey Program Aug. 28, 2009
Indexer Sep 25, 2014
* If you wish to use the new JavaScript charts, you must copy the Web Charts JavaScript Files to your server, along with the updated Web Chart Server, if you have not already done so.
** You may need to uninstall a previous copy of the Android program before installing the update.