Types of Questions

The Survey System can handle any type of question. Some other vendors claim their software handles more than a dozen types of questions. But all survey questions really fall into one of the following types, and most other products do not include them all.

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions present lists of labeled answer choices.

Numeric Questions

Numeric questions are fill-in-the-blank questions that accept only numbers as answers. Use them where the answers are exact values, such as miles, tons, acres, dollars. You can also use them for ratings and rankings. Web page surveys can use sliders to enter numbers and rank items by dragging them.

Grid (Matrix) Questions

Grid questions present a matrix of sub-questions and answer choices. Use them for ratings, agreement scales, semantic differentials and other situations. Web page surveys can also present grids of numeric fill-in-the-blank questions and grids of drop-down lists.

Text Answer Questions

Collect comments and other text answers.

Specialized Web Survey Question Types

Web surveys allow kinds of visual data collection that are not suitable for telephone or paper surveys.

Voice Captured Questions

Record peoplesí answers in their own voices via telephone, laptop or mobile. Play the answers back for coding and for presentations which show the characteristics of the people making each comment.




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