Survey System Training

The Survey System is a user-friendly product that requires very little training. Our users spontaneously mentioned "Ease of Use" when asked what they liked most about The Survey System in our most recent survey. The average user can produce attractive tables and charts within a couple of hours of installation. However, some of our clients find individualized training to be the fastest way to become a power user and get full value from the wide variety of features in The Survey System.

Starting in 1987, The Survey System held a successful series of training seminars around the USA and overseas in Denmark, South Africa and Australia. These enabled many owners to quickly become power users and to learn some tips and tricks that save them time.

Technology has moved on, and the development of webinars now allows us to offer individualized training in your own office through the Internet. We can customize training to suit each customer in terms of timing and concentration on specific aspects and problems. Webinars also eliminate travel costs and reduce carbon foot prints.

We offer webinars for $175 per hour, irrespective of the numbers attending, and we can set dates, times and themes to suit you. Call Chris Wright for more details at (707) 765-1001 or Skype "Survey System" to arrange your own individualized training session and become a power user.

On-Site Survey System Training

Our training consultants are also available to visit your company or organization and conduct an on-site training or consulting session. Call (707) 765-1001, or contact Creative Research Systems online for full details.