Here are highlights from reviews and several user comments on The Survey System, Voice Capture, Creative Research Systems, and more:

Bloomin' Brands named Creative Research Systems "The Purveyor of the Year."

"The Purveyor of the Year Award for Bloomin' Brands is highly competitive, and many outstanding organizations are nominated. Since Bloomin' Brands is comprised of five domestic restaurant brands-Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine, and Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar-as well as an International Division, one can only imagine the thousands of purveyors that provide services to our organization. Thus, for Creative Research Systems to win this award is a testimony to their outstanding service to us over the years."

George Gaines
Director, Consumer Intelligence
Bloomin' Brands
User of the Survey System for over 20 years

"As I sit and re-figure out how to do quotas, strip data from incoming URLs, add data to exit urls, specifying exit URLs and the like, I am reminded of how complete and well-made for what I do as a hard core online researcher the Survey System is. It really is THE SURVEY SYSTEM.

I have used Confirmit. It's a great program, it's hard to argue it's world-class as well. However, the pricing model and absolutely top-notch support provided by you and, especially, Chris Wright make The Survey System my choice as a 30 year veteran of online research.

Thank you so much for paying attention to detail, for being there when we need you and for really understanding our needs as researchers. It is such a pleasure.

As I'm programming an important survey...it's so easy, I can sip a glass of fine wine at the same time and not miss a beat!"

Peter Hill
Product Experience Research
MAAX Bath Inc.

"I am the director of a polling center at a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. We have been using Survey System since early 2011 and are very happy with the product.

Because excellent customer service is so rare these days, when I am the beneficiary of high quality customer service, I think it only fair to recognize and reward it. Having worked with another survey software provider in the past, I have come to appreciate the value of strong technical support. CRS makes my life easier."

Adam B. Lawrence, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Government and Political Affairs
Millersville University

"The factor that has made The Survey System so unique is ready access to their staff when I have a question about how to analyze and present the data. Also, if there is something that I want to do that the software will not do, they will modify the software for me - and may incorporate that new feature in the next version of the software. That's service I can't get from other software companies."

Dr. Emerson Smith
Metromark Market Research
User of the Survey System for over 30 years

"Through the course of 20 years, Survey System has been the main tool used throughout RS growth and we consider your personnel as part of ours. The development of your modules for telephone, Internet, and PDA studies has allowed us to offer new services to our clients and in my opinion your software is one of the most complete in the area of market research."

En espanol: "Survey System ha sido por espacio de 20 anos la principal herramienta en el crecimiento de R R y consideramos a su personal parte de nuestras oficinas. El desarrollo de sus modulos para estudios telefonicos, internet y PDA permitieron el desarrollo de nuevos servicios inesperados para nuestros clientes y en mi opinion es uno de los softwares mas completos existentes en el area de research."

Bruno Haring
Research Research
User of the Survey System for over 20 years

“I have been using The Survey System as my main cross-tabulation software for over 24 years. Prior to starting my own consulting and research firm over 15 years ago I found that it met my cross-tabulation needs as a senior research manager in a national strategic consulting firm and an international hotel management company. My own business has used it exclusively for cross-tabulations and basic statistical analysis, as well as for CATI and web surveys.

The Survey System makes me far more efficient, productive and therefore profitable -- than I could be without it. I love how integrated its features are. For example, I draft questionnaires in The Survey System, where I insert, delete and re-order questions, program skip logic, automatically renumber computer columns, and spell-check. Then I just print it to a rich text file in a very professional, easy-to-read format to present to my client. The questionnaire instructions then serve as the row variable labels for the crosstabs; plus, if I want to combine questions into a more advanced table, I can do it right within the software. Then, to create the cross-tabs, I can select variables by question, edit the headings to my liking, and they’re ready to print. I can also easily create a custom format for each table, with complete control over many things like ranking, decimals, statistical choices, and tests of significance. When it comes time to prepare the report, I produce tables and graphs right from within The Survey System to copy into Word or PowerPoint. Or, sometimes, depending on the report, I print data to Excel and create graphs in Excel.

In more recent years, I’ve also made good use of its web survey capability. Once the questionnaire is designed, I just set a few formatting options, press a button, and it automatically writes the HTML code to turn my questionnaire into a web survey. I can do the same for web reports. These simple processes would cost thousands of dollars each time if I were to hire another firm that specializes in web survey research to program it for me. Then, within the Survey System, I can connect to my web site, send the questionnaire and related files to my host server. Both I and my clients can access a web report page with a password and view survey results on line in tabular or graphic format, with filtering and formatting capabilities on line.

I like to keep up with advances in survey techniques and software so, just to stay knowledgeable, I frequently review other survey research programs. Over my 27-year career in marketing research, I’ve used or reviewed practically every other program on the market. Also, because my firm subcontracts much of its telephone interviewing, I’m in touch with firms all over the U.S. that use a variety of other programs, so I keep up with what’s out there through them. I can say with absolute confidence that The Survey System is the most powerful, easy-to-use, cost-effective program on the market. Moreover, the professionals at Creative Research Systems have always been very responsive and helpful when I’ve had questions about how to use the software. Many times my clients have complimented my firm on the quality, speed and professionalism of our work, all of which The Survey System makes possible. It truly is “The Survey Software that Makes You Look Good.” I say that not as a salesman, but as a very satisfied customer. I heartily recommend The Survey System to anyone that conducts survey research."

Steven C. Ethridge
Chairman and Chief Manager
Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C.
Cordova, TN
Steven C. Etheridge has been using the Survey System since 1983

Creative Research has been a valuable resource to Stratton Research. Staff members are knowledgeable and Survey System software provides accurate and reliable data. It makes it possible to manage multiple research projects at once. Creative Research has played an important role in helping Stratton Research successfully meet the needs of hundreds of clients.

Carrie Wood
Stratton Publishing
Specializing in surveys of technical and professional magazines

"Our company, the Southeastern Institute of Research (SIR), has had a long relationship with the Creative Research Systems team and their product, The Survey System. Beginning in the mid ‘80s, our association with CRS began when the marketing research industry was largely based on paper questionnaires. As the needs of our 44 year old research company have changed and grown, Hank Zucker and his team have anticipated these needs - and changed and expanded their software’s capabilities. From our perspective, The Survey System is intuitive and very user friendly. Because it is specifically designed for questionnaires – the cornerstone of marketing research - the Survey System handles all aspects of data collection, coding, data manipulation, graphics and table presentation extremely well. SIR has been extremely pleased with the functionality of The Survey System and the support by Hank and his team"

Dave Darnell
Southeastern Institute of Research (SIR)

“We have used The Survey System since version 3.1 (back in about 1987). The package has proven to be the mainstay of our business (founded in 1988). It has been used and loved from humble data capturers to lofty mathematicians.

Amazingly, The Survey System has kept up with both the technology and the research industry revolutions of the last 20 years, yielding a tool that is both modern and wise. Our company has been able to transition into online research totally seamlessly using Creative Research Systems hosting facility … it works well, is easy to use, support comes personally from real people, and it’s really good value price wise. The Survey System has made our business possible”.

Gordon Hooper
founding member of South Africa’s Bateleur Khanya Research Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
User of the Survey System for over 20 years

"Job Service North Dakota’s Labor Market Information Center replaced most of its mail based survey processes using Survey System’s web based software two years ago. We have found this tool to be highly reliable and flexible to our information collection needs. When we started using Survey System the results were dramatic. This web-based application more than paid for itself in our first survey with greater than 10,000 respondents. Both administrative time spent mailing out surveys and the time it takes to compile the data were significantly reduced. This resulted in saving both significant mail costs and hundreds of employee hours in this one survey alone.

Our business customers indicate they prefer our new interactive online surveys. Using Survey System’s web-based software we realized a significant increase in the quality of responses. Unanswered questions dropped to about one-third of the rate we experience using mail-based surveys. We have found that the respondent size has minimal impact on the cost to conduct a survey with this software. Because the data is collected on-line we can now check our response-rate at any point in the survey and we are ready to start our analysis as soon as the survey timeframe is complete. We also like the ability Survey System provides us to easily move data both to and from other applications such as MS Excel, MS Access or SPSS."

Kevin C. Iverson
Colonel, ND National Guard (retired)

For the past 20 years, The Survey System has been an integral part of our company’s growth. The Voice Capture module has been an especially important tool for us, allowing us to discover new findings and trends that we never would have discovered using other research techniques. The software is extremely easy to learn and use but also powerful and flexible enough to let us tackle even the most complex project. And the team at Creative Research has always been extremely responsive to both our input and requests for new features.

Scott Tallal – Insite Media

Scott is the major user of Voice Capture & it has been his company’s USP for many years.

"Survey System's perfect and even when I contact the designers with a "problem," they use humor."

Catherine Penn
Penn Associates
Cleveland, OH

"I have been using The Survey System for about 10 years and continually find improvements that not only are feature based but particularly in the user interface. The current version 10.0 is especially appealing in its data and question editors. Beyond the product, the staff at Creative Research offers quality and responsive technical support as well as a personal touch to their client needs, this is greatly appreciated. I strongly endorse this application to others in its ease of use and the tables and charts it produces."

Will Bailey
WMB Associates

We started using the Survey System in the early 80s and have built a successful research business round it...We think The Survey System is a great product, powerful yet easy to use, and we look forward to using it for many more years.

Dr. Dale Paulson
Allegiance for Associations, Alexandria, VA