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top Best Survey Software of 2014, 2013, 2012*

The Survey System gains our highest marks for survey creation, analysis and administration methods, making it the best survey software in our ranking. It gives you the ability to create simple in-house questionnaires or complex surveys designed for widespread distribution. It has all the necessary tools to analyze your data once it's collected. This is the only product in our lineup that offers all features and tools we considered. For these reasons, the Survey System earns our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

* In 2015 TopTenREVIEWS chose to only review cloud-based survey software and so excluded The Survey System. In the previous three years when they compared both desktop and cloud solutions they found The Survey System to be the best of all.


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The Survey System is an extremely versatile collection of software packages. The Basic Edition of The Survey System is designed to appeal to all users; those outside of the traditional market research departments can easily create a simple survey, while market research professionals will appreciate the analytical tools available from an add-on statistical module.

For larger surveys and more sophisticated users, the Professional Edition is reasonably priced at $999. There are several unique features to this package, including the ability to calculate values from other questions, combine Web responses with other information about the same respondent (such as historical data), and the flexibility to establish different quotas for different groups of respondents.

The Survey System is a superior product that is easy to use and not only creates Web surveys, but also provides the tools for quick and professional analysis and reporting all in one package.

Quirk's Marketing Research Review

HR departments haunted by the prospect of taking on even the simplest of surveys likely will find a friend in The Survey System. Designed to be accessible to the beginning surveyor, the core package can be accessorized easily with a number of add-on modules that should please even the most sophisticated opinion analysts.

With the Basic Edition, users get a complete survey creation, solicitation and analysis System couched in familiar Windows-style logic and conventions.

If you are comfortable with drop-down menus, help wizards and similar tools that are well established in Windows you will feel right at home here....

While the core package is designed to accommodate those users brand new to surveying, its analysis prowess is formidable....

The bottom line: Evaluated prudently, The Survey System and appropriately chosen modules can be combined into a highly customized solution for a wide variety of HR users.

HR Magazine
(Journal of the Society for Human Resource Management)

Voice Capture has been the primary reason why our revenues have grown almost 40% per year for the past five years, in a segment of the business that has historically been saturated with research vendors.

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Advanced Research Services, Malibu, CA