Responsive Survey Design

Have Surveys Adapt to Smartphones and Tablets

People expect web pages to appear with fonts and other elements appropriately sized for the device on which they are viewing the page. If a web survey fails to adapt to their device, some people will quit the survey.

The Survey System's Web surveys can change their appearance depending on whether they are being viewed on a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. Surveys can respond to the device by showing different logos and changing the size of question and answer choice text, buttons, checkboxes and text input boxes.

Many researchers like to display rating scales and some other questions in a grid or matrix form, with the rows representing items or concepts and the columns representing answer choices. The Survey System lets you display such questions in grid form on a PC and as a drop-down grid or a series of multiple-choice questions on smartphones and/or tablets.

A Question That Displays As a Grid on a PC Automatically
Converted to Drop-Down or Multiple-Choice on a Smartphone

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The Survey System also lets you skip particular questions, depending on whether the survey is being viewed on a PC or a mobile device. You can record whether a survey was taken on a PC or a mobile device and compare the answers given by both groups.

You can view a sample responsive survey.