Professional Survey Software

The Professional Edition is a complete survey software solution for people working with paper questionnaires or data imported from another source. You can enter data in a spreadsheet or in an interview format with sophisticated logic. Optional modules let you collect data via Web page, email, telephone or PDA/Smartphone.

The Survey System saves you time. You do not have to do things twice as you do with other systems. Enter questions and answer choices once, either by typing them in or by importing them from a Word or other document. Then use them to produce questionnaire forms, collect answers, analyze the results and create presentation-quality tables, text reports and graphics.

You can rearrange the order of the questions in a survey and even copy questions from survey to survey. You can manage and manipulate your data.

The Professional Edition includes a wide variety of common statistical tests. The Statistics Module adds some additional reports, such as correlation, regression and ANOVA.

The Professional Edition handles any type of question and lets you ask an unlimited number of questions of an unlimited number of people.




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