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Software for Web Polls, Telephone Polls and PDA Polls

The Survey System is the most completepublic opinion and political polling software package available for web, phone, PDA, or paper questionnaires and professional poll reports. This exceptional software package is ideal for mixed-mode surveys, which combine two or more of those data collection methods, and for producing reports from imported data.

Polling Software Features

The Survey System's many time saving features enable you to conduct sophisticated polls. You can record any type of answer and even record comments in respondents' actual voices with our voice capture survey module. Comprehensive logic instructions guide respondents through the correct questions, modify questions in ways that can yield better data, and check the validity of answers given. If you have existing data such as demographics, party identification or past voting, The Survey System can automatically incorporate that data into each personís questionnaire.

Poll Reporting Software Features

Produce poll results as tables, charts or text, even live reports of online poll answers. Elegant banners (cross-tabs) show results broken down by any data in the file. Customize reports to meet your needs, including fonts, colors, statistics, ranking, and etc. Results can be printed, uploaded to a web site, or exported to word processors, spreadsheets, or statistical programs like SPSS.

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If you carry out public opinion polls or political polls, do market research, measure employee satisfaction or association membership opinions or otherwise need to know what people think, The Survey System is your answer. Learn more about The Survey System and all the survey modules available with our world class survey software.


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