Off-Line and On-line Mobile Survey Software Solutions

Off-line Software for Phones and Tablets

The Survey System offers off-line survey software for Android smartphones and tablets. These small, light devices are ideal for conducting in-person surveys at malls, amusement parks, movie theaters, airports and remote locations that do not have live Internet access. Both versions can record survey answers off-line and upload them to a Web server, either at the end of each interview or at a later time when a live connection is available. The Survey System's Mobile Survey Software Module offers superior features for conducting both simple surveys and complex interviews with sophisticated logic.

Off-Line Surveys & Voice Capture

Our Voice Capture Software Module solves the problem of recording extensive comments on smartphones and tablets with tiny keyboards by letting you record respondents' answers in their own voices. You can later play back these answers for coding and analysis.

On-Line Mobile Surveys

The Survey System's Web Module lets you create both mobile first surveys - surveys that are designed to look at their best on smartphones, but also work well on desktop PCs and tablets - and responsive design services - surveys designed primarily for desktops, but also work well on mobile devices. You can see a sample mobile first survey here and a sample responsive design survey here.

Unlike many other packages you only need enter your question and answer choices and logic instructions once whether for smartphone or tablet interviews (CAPI), Web surveys, paper questionnaires and telephone interviews. The Survey System will adapt them into the necessary format for each type.