Mixed Mode Survey Software

Researchers increasing employ a variety of ways to interview people. These methods include:

Sometimes the best way to contact people may be to use two or more of these methods at once. For example, the quickest and most cost-efficient way to contact people for a particular project might be to combine telephone interviews with a web survey. That mixed mode surveys approach could yield the cost and speed advantages of online surveys while still reaching people who do not have internet access.

The Survey System is the perfect choice for mixed mode survey software. You only have to enter, copy, or import your questions once, and then you can use the same question file for any or all of these survey methods. Combining data collected in a mixed mode survey takes only a menu choice - or if you have an in-house web server, telephone, and online surveys can share the same database in real time.

Reports from a mixed mode survey can show both the combined results and comparisons of the results from each data collection method. The latter let you check for different responses from the different methods, which can be a concern in mixed-mode surveys. The Survey System makes mixed mode surveys and interviewing easy and efficient.

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