Telephone Interviewing (CATI) Software & Survey Sample Management

CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) Software

The Survey System's Telephone Interviewing Software and Survey Sample Management Module manages telephone samples and enforces quotas. It works with the Professional Edition and Interview Stations to provide sophisticated CATI survey software rivaling packages costing thousands of dollars more. Our Web CATI/Online Interviewing option lets your interviewers work anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Telephone Survey & Interviewing Software

You import a list of phone numbers (plus names and other information, if available). The Survey System can combine the answers to telephone survey questions with pre-existing information you have about the people you are calling.

The Survey System presents telephone numbers to your interviewers for manual or automatic dialing. You can use a modem, a TAPI-compliant phone system or Skype, which can use the Internet to call standard telephones.

After a telephone call, the interviewer selects one of your call results (Complete, No Answer, Busy and so on).  They can make an appointment to call someone back at a specific date and time and can leave comments about call attempts. You can restrict which interviewers can handle certain types of calls, based either on the results of previous call attempts or on prior information you have about respondents. You can also determine results automatically, based on answers to survey questions.  You can schedule calls by time zones. 

Telephone Sample Management (CATI) Example


The Survey System offers a wide variety of computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) logic options. Other telephone survey software options affect the information and choices available to interviewers, such as call attempt history and allowing incoming telephone calls.

With our CATI software, you can produce all the various detail and survey summary reports you need to effectively manage your project. These include total and per-hour results-by-interviewer, results per day or per attempt, the number of telephone numbers still active, cooperation rates, and more.

The telephone interviewing and CATI survey software modules can automatically enforce quotas based on pre-existing information or questions in the interview. You can view the data while interviewing is in progress.

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