Indexer/Benchmarks Module - The Survey System

Many surveys are designed to measure how a members of an organization, such as a trade association and departments of a company or industry group, measure up against each other.

The Survey System's Indexer produces reports clearly quantifying how a series of companies, departments, or products have been rated relative to each other or to industry benchmarks.

Indexer/Benchmarks Example

Alternatively you can set the best score as the benchmark and measure how far the others are behind.

The Survey System's Indexer Module can used to measure employee satisfaction across different departments or locations of a company or student reaction across university departments or even different schools.

Ratings can be based on either means (averages) or on the percentages picking one or more specified answers. Each item is assigned an index based on how well it has been rated compared to either the best item rated at that time or to a specified value or benchmark.

In the example above, the department giving a statement the highest level of agreement has been assigned an Index of 100. The other departments are assigned Indexes calculated by dividing its percentage agreeing by the best department's percentage (e.g. 67/90=74). Note that some statements in the example are worded such that agreeing is the positive answer, while others are worded such that disagreeing is the positive answer. In the latter cases the calculations are based on the percentages disagreeing.

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