Email Questionnaire Software

The Survey System's Email Survey Module lets you send out blank questionnaires and receive completed questionnaires via email and Web page surveys. You can attach files to email questionnaires to get people's reactions to graphic images, sound files or documents.

Using The Survey System as your Internet, Web or intranet email survey software saves you time. You enter instructions only once and use them for your email questionnaire and to create tables, text reports and graphics that make you look good.

The Survey System prevents multiple responses from the same person and rejects forwarded or passed-along questionnaires. It also checks each returned questionnaire to see that it matches the survey instructions (e.g., it will not allow a person to give 2 responses to a question allowing only one response).

Email Survey System

Click here to see an example of an email questionnaire. Please note that this is an HTML approximation of a text email message. The actual appearance of an email questionnaire will depend on each recipient's email client. You can edit or discard faulty questionnaires. You can identify which responses come from which person or ensure anonymity as needed.




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