Data Processing

Creative Research Systems offers complete data processing services. We provide presentation-quality tables, text reports and graphics. In addition to or instead of paper copies, we can provide the tables, reports and graphics on disk, ready for you to incorporate into a document or research presentation.

We can enter data from paper questionnaires or use a data file you provide. Most interviewing, scanning and database packages can produce a data file we can use. If you use The Survey System, our interviewing and tabulation software, we can provide instruction files you can use for further analysis.

We can provide the data in a variety of formats, including Excel XLS files, CSV files, standard ASCII, flat files and SPSS files. Most tabulation, spreadsheet and data base packages can use one of these formats. We can also set up live Web reports, complete with crosstabs.

If you want more than data processing, our research professionals can also analyze your data and present you with a complete report.

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