Data Entry

Data Entry Example #1

All Editions of The Survey System include interview style data entry, which shows the questions and answer choices on the screen. This simple method means people with little or no training can enter data quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

In addition, you can enter or edit data in a spreadsheet format. This format lets you insert and delete records and has a search feature.

Data Entry Example #2

You can also import data from or export data to other programs using ASCII text, CSV and Excel XLS Files. In addition, the Remark Office OMR scanning program and Ci3 and ACS Query interviewing packages can send question text to The Survey System. The Survey System can send question text to SPSS. You can also produce questionnaire forms suitable for scanning. Optional modules add telephone and mobile interviewing and e-mail and Web page questionnaires to The Survey System.

The Survey System has a full range of data checking, editing, and management features that enable you to minimize errors and verify data integrity.

Employee Attitude Survey Example

Interview Stations

Having multiple people interviewing or entering data makes the work go faster. In line with our modular "pay for what you need" philosophy, you are not required to buy complete copies of The Survey System for interviewers or data entry personnel. Instead, we offer economically priced copies that are only for interviewing or data entry.

Interview Stations can be stand-alone or networked. You can use them and the CATI Module to create a complete telephone interviewing system.




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