Crosstab Software - Banner Table Software

The Survey System produces crosstabs and banner tables on the desktop. The optional Internet Module lets you produce reports on the Web.

Banner tables are like several crosstabs side-by-side. For example, you could see the answer choices to a question broken down by gender, age and other factors on the same page, instead of having to view different pages to see each breakdown. This format saves you time when you analyze survey results.

The first example shows a simple crosstab that uses a logo and shades alternating rows:

Crosstab Example

The next example shows a banner table, which breaks down the answers by three demographics:

Banner table example.

Our crosstab software lets you customize reports to meet your exact needs by modifying their:

You can apply different fonts and font characteristics to different elements of your crosstabs and banner tables.

The Survey System can also produce charts and reports showing the answers to text questions, such as comments.




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